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Retro GameOn LAN #88

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by DLDeadbolt, 28 Feb 2013.

  1. DLDeadbolt

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    15 Sep 2010
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    GameOn is proud to announce the date for their first LAN of 2013.

    When: 5th - 7th April 2013
    Where: Uttoxeter
    Spaces: 40 (subject to interest, this will likely increase)
    Price: £55 (£10 discount for early signups)

    If you are up for a weekend of indulgence in tech, gaming and general drunken debauchery, head on over to www.gamegrin.com and sign up.

    Side note, this is one of the folks about 10mins after meeting me for the first time at the last LAN:

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