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Electronics Graphical LCD again...

Discussion in 'Modding' started by k!zzap, 13 Oct 2004.

  1. k!zzap

    k!zzap What's a Dremel?

    13 Oct 2004
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    Ok so i recently bought a graphical LCD screen off a website (
    k!zzaphere is a link to the LCD itself) and i am wondering how i should connect this up. I know that this LCD has a controller board as by looking at the Pin-outs it has all the pins for data transfer on it. But i cannot find a suitable connection for it. The LCD board says that it has a LM3033 controller on it but using google i can't find any useful information for it...

    Btw the graphical LCd is a 128 x 64 pixel white text on blue background. it is also backlit.

    there are a row of 20 pins down the bottom for it to connect with and if you have a look on the website I have earlier in the post you will find a pinout for it. Now i know what most of the pins do but i can't find the way to connect it to a computer. I was planning on havin git connected to the parallel port.

    Final question- What software do people recommend that i use to display inormation of the LCD? i want to display winamp stuff or system stats if possible.

  2. coorz

    coorz Miffed

    25 Apr 2003
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    Can't tell from the specsheet what controller it has. You need to know whether it's supported by any of the established LCD apps.
    LM3033 doesn't ring a bell really.
  3. Henri

    Henri What's a Dremel?

    21 Jan 2003
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    Datasheet for the display is saying that the controller would be ST7920 from Sitronix. http://www.sitronix.com.tw/sitronix/product.nsf/Doc/ST7920?OpenDocument

    Looking at the feature list there are many interesting features but unfortunately I'm not aware of any software that would have support for this controller. Though it shouldn't be too difficult for someone with the display and some programming knowledge to write a driver for LCDInfo for example.

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