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Graphics Graphics card - haven't a clue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Naseem, 24 Sep 2010.

  1. Naseem

    Naseem Archaic

    24 Sep 2010
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    Hi all,

    I used to be a member here quite some time ago, before all the forum changed, tried logging on using my old user ID, but I assumed it all changed too.

    Anyway, I've been away from the modding/hardware scene for a number of years now, and I wondered what the score was with the current crop of graphics cards. It all seems to have moved from the old 6xxx 7xxx 8xxx system to a new one.

    My current system is as follows:

    Quad Core 2.4 OC @ 3.51
    DDR2 800 @ 951(?)
    Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1Gb DDR

    I just wondered if there's any point in upgrading, and what the natural progression would be from the 8800GT? I've got a top end budget of around 200, so if it's not going to give me 'much' better performance or new gaming features I won't bother upgrading.

    Anyway, any help much appreciated.

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