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Build Advice Graphics Card Woes

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chocolateraisins, 15 Sep 2009.

  1. chocolateraisins

    chocolateraisins :D

    13 Jun 2009
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    My friend, who I will name chocolatepeanuts (for this), has requested me to post this on his behalf as he is too lazy to make a bit-tech forum account (his loss). His question is as follows:

    Chocolatepeanuts asks:

    'I work from home. Recently my graphics card went kaput. I can't work until I get this sorted. Due to that I don't mind paying a little extra if I can find a card that I can pick up tomorrow (I'm in london). I know a shop called yoyotech which I can walk to easily. They have these three cards that I could go in and pick up tomorrow (max price is 135ish).

    GPU 1
    GPU 2
    GPU 3

    (I didn't look at ther ATI options due to old prejudiced against their crappy linux support - if this is especially stupid of me do say so). My priorities are reliability, quietness, and of course as much speed as I can - but reliability and quiet are a fairly big deal (I use this for work, and I also attempt to produce music.)

    So what do you guys think? Are there any places you know of in london that are worth taking a look at? Is yoyotech so much of a rip off that I should wait and order it online (keep in mind time is money and all that.) Cheers'

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