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Displays Green pixelation issue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by stephen0205, 16 Mar 2020.

  1. stephen0205

    stephen0205 Minimodder

    11 Mar 2016
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    Hi guys looking for some advice I'm sure there is something I'm missing

    Laptop MSI gs40 6qe has a hmdi out through the 970m it has onboard

    Works a treat on both benq 1080 and my LG ultrawide 1440p

    My partner was looking to play some GTA on the big TV rather than at my desk with the desktop

    So connected it to be presented with a green pixelated flickering screen.

    So I check the hdmi lead, same one I have always used with it, grabbed a new one to be sure. Reinstalled drivers, used DDU to clean remove it, all drivers and chipsets now up to date.

    Same issue. Tried all 3 hdmi ports. Tried different refresh rates , it should be a 60hz VA panel, it's a hisense 55 inch b7500 TV.

    Not sure what else to try I'm kinda stumped, my pc is all cable tied so I don't wanna hump it through, my 4k fire stick works fine on there as well so out of guesses

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