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GT72 Design Concept

Discussion in 'MSI UK' started by MSINotebookUK, 30 Jul 2014.

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    29 Jul 2014
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    GT72 Design Concept

    Inspired by the Super Car GT concept. Create a simple, elegant, speedy, but powerful look.
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    In recent years, MSI has been dedicated to gaming laptops, and became the leading brand in the field. The most high-end product line– GT series has been on the market for over 3 years. This time, MSI disclosed the design concepts behind the new generation flagship of THE ULTIMATE GTX Gaming Notebook – GT72.
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    As a professional gaming brand, MSI wants to combine the best elements from gaming and notebooks together. Since the product development phase, MSI wanted this flagship not only has the top specs, but also be an useful and enjoyable piece of art.

    When designing GT72, we outlined what it must have:
    1. Great design and durability
    2. Mobility that Notebooks CANNOT do without
    3. Maintainability and upgradability
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    If GS60 is “smart”, then GT72’s goal is to become a “supercar”. It must be a desktop replacement, has excellent performance, and looks fashionable and cool, combining power and beauty together to make a great machine. When thinking about top gaming laptops, the size of monitor decides how good you feel. Therefore, 17” is still the way to go.

    Design is always difficult, because it is truly subjective. MSI has always been more conservative in terms of design, but this time it is different. Starting for the lid, GT72 mimics the look of an engine hood, with hairline texture, red side enhancement, and LED lighting. With stylish engine-hood lines, front LED lights, and back vent design, it is definitely a supercar in a notebook form.
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    When you open the laptop, it has full back-lit SteelSeries gaming keyboard, with lighting underneath touchpad and fine quality no-boarder mouse area.

    The bottom side is clean and simple, with grid airway, allowing users to open up the bottom side for easy upgrade and maintenance.
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    MSI and SteelSeries worked hard together to create even more responsive keyboard for GT72. There are 5 individual keys on the side of the keyboard that are useful for gamers. These keys can be used to turn on the laptop, switch graphic cards, make fans to turn at full speed, broadcast online, and switch between different keyboard settings.
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    There are USBs are both sides, allows users to plug-in devices on either side of the laptop. Power, internet, and display ports are located at the back for easy connection.
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    It’s a rare chance for us to be able to interview the designer of gaming laptops, and learn how difficult it is for a laptop to be born. We will have more news and secrets on the new flagship-GT72. Stay tuned!
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