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Other Halts on DRAM check

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ZeroHerO, 24 Feb 2009.

  1. ZeroHerO

    ZeroHerO New Member

    17 Dec 2002
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    I have a small problem, my bood up halts on DRAM check, before there comes picture on the monitor.

    I can see the LCD poster says DRAM Check and the boot comes no further. If I hold the pwr button for 4 seconds and turns the computer on again, it boots fine.

    Whats the problem?

    MB: Asus Rampage Extreme
    Ram: Corsair ddr3 1600 XMS3
    CPU: Intel Core 2 duo 8500

    GFX: Inno3D 9800GTX
    Sound: Creative X-Fi Fataliy FPS
    IO: SIL3114 raidcard

    C: 2x80 Raid0, Maxtor Diamond
    D: 2x160 Raid 1, Maxtor Diamond
    e: 2x500 Raid 0, Samsung Spinpoint f1
    f: 1gb, Samsun spinpoint f1

    f: LG DVD+- DL

  2. Splynncryth

    Splynncryth 0x665E3FF6,0x46CC,...

    31 Dec 2002
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    There any numbers at the corners of the screen (like a 2 digit number)? Otherwise, the board should have an LED or LCD display that displays 'post codes', these would be useful in helping you find the fault.

    The fact that you have video means that the BIOS is actually pretty far along in the boot process. So it passed the quick tests. It could be unstable memory, an unstable CPU, or a problem witha PCI card. IF you are overclocking/overvolting, please clear CMOS and see if that helps.

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