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Development Have idea for a website but don't know how to implement it

Discussion in 'Software' started by sam.g.taylor, 17 Jul 2007.

  1. sam.g.taylor

    sam.g.taylor Apparently I'm Greg Kinnear

    15 Aug 2006
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    In a new website I'm making I want to accomplish this:

    1. People fill out a form.
    2. Data from form gets stored as individual entries in a queue somewhere, somehow on server.
    3. At interval of xx minutes, server retrieves first entry in queue and places it on the home page.
    4. After another xx minutes (same interval), server retrieves next entry in queue and places it on the home page, while simultaneously deleting the previous entry from the database and the home page.
    5. Repeat 4.

    I'm not familiar with coding anything beyond HTML, but it appears to me that something like XML could handle this. Again, when it comes to this stuff, I'm a n00b - but if this could be implemented into a language like Ruby or Python I might consider learning one of them (because they are known as easy to learn). But the simpler the better.

    PS - I've heard about something called cron, could it handle this? What cheap hosting could I use? (Right now I use NFS but it hasn't implemented cron yet.)
  2. kingdavies

    kingdavies Minimodder

    29 Aug 2004
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    This could be done easily with PHP, have the submitted data stored in a mysql database and have a second script that when run deletes the entry in the database and in doing so causes the next entry to be displayed, then just setup a cron to run the second script every X mins
  3. lamboman

    lamboman What's a Dremel?

    25 Jul 2006
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    This is, as kinddavies said, a PHP project. Python is more powerful on the desktop front, it is very simple yet very powerful. So, PHP would be more basic and provide you with less hassle and problems.
  4. Atomic

    Atomic Gerwaff

    6 May 2002
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    Pretty much any web language will be able to do that.

    I'd use some Ajax so the content changes without the user having to reload the page too.

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