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Peripherals Headset - Gaming, Media and need a mic

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Zero_UK, 10 Sep 2012.

  1. Zero_UK

    Zero_UK New Member

    12 Aug 2008
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    I want to buy a new headset as my Razer Orca has kicked the bucket. Ideally I want a mic however headphones & seperate desktop mic is fine too. I don't want to down grade from the Orca however I don't want to be spending stupid amounts of money.

    Currently I am looking at the Razer Carcharias which is £60, has a mic and was rated Bittech's best headset in 2010 with a review rating "Excellence". However, if opinions have changed over the past 2 years and the crown has moved to another headset around the same price I am more than happy to consider an alternative.

    It will be run with a Asus Xonar D...X (can't remember..) so no USB headsets :)

    Thank you

    I guess the Creative Fatality headset is also a cheaper alternative, as that headset has worked well in the past.
  2. oliverr97

    oliverr97 New Member

    31 Jul 2011
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    Well the Asus Vulcan Anc's would be a good buy, due to thier great sound and comfort. I'm pretty sure they got a premium award not too long ago aswell.

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