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Networks Help 2 NIC Cards

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Drastik, 20 Jan 2002.

  1. Drastik

    Drastik What's a Dremel?

    10 Jan 2002
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    i have dsl and i would like to share it with a otehr computer how do i go about setting 1 card for lan and 1 card for dsl...
    Ohh btw i am on win2k
  2. Phil

    Phil What's a Dremel?

    19 Jul 2001
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    this is always the most common question asked here, I should really write an FAQ, or find a link to a guide on how to do this.

    right, you need:

    2 NIC's in the first computer
    1 NIC in the second

    1. connect the two computers to each other via a crossover cable.
    2. connect other nic in 1st computer to dsl / cable modem.

    3. In win2k on computer 1, got to the network properties.
    4. Set the ip address of the card going to the other computer as '' and enable 'share internet connection on this device'
    5. set the ipaddress of the second computer as '' amd set the gateway to ''

    6. not sure about this bit...make sure the 1st network card is set up to use the dsl / cable modem ok - not sure how to do this but hopefully if you';re already using it it should already work !


    1. if you're using an alcatel usb DSL modem you won't need 2 network cards in PC 1, just 1 card.
    2. you can use any iprange you like that starts 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x - such as & or &
  3. felix the cat

    felix the cat Spaceman Spiff

    11 Jan 2002
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    there are programs out there that you can use to do this for you such as winroute (think thats what its called) but as phil so nicely put it, doing it in win2k is nice n easy and probably the best way of doing it.....if u install a firewall software make sure u tell it that the machine that is running as the gateway is the gateway....i forgot once and i was wondering why no traffice went through watsoever....

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