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Equipment Help choosing a new camera

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by eegg, 26 Aug 2008.

  1. eegg

    eegg New Member

    29 Aug 2006
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    I need a new camera after my Canon a75 has died.
    Since i live in Israel I cant really tell you a price range other than something with a similar price to a Canon S5 IS.

    I thought of getting a Canon s5 is because i heard it a great camera and is similar to a dslr which i thought of getting but then seeing that they don't fit in my pocket i wanted something between a dslr to a p&s.

    I use the camera for macro, product pics and family events, plus i like the size and feel of the Canon s5 is.

    I would like a good zoom but also good macro shots.

    I would like to get more into photography so i need a good camera.

    any ideas?

    Eitan G.
  2. OleJ

    OleJ Me!

    1 Jul 2007
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    Sorry for being a complete ***** pointing at the obvious but: How about getting the S5 if you feel so good about it? It sounds to me like you have several key reasons already pointing towards it. And I believe it to be a good in-between for what you're seeking.

    Most photographers on this forum (me included) will probably tell you that you won't get good zoom and good macro and good product pics and good family event pictures with one lens. :)

    Anyways you can read up on the S5 here: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons5is/
    and if you read the entire article above you'll see what dpreview consider to be the closest competitors on the ISO noise page: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canons5is/page7.asp
    They are (or were at the time of review) Sony DSC-H9 and Olympus SP-550UZ so read up on those on the dpreview site as well.
    Now I don't know about the prices but you might want to check out the Canon G9 as well?

    Happy reading :)

    Edit: Oh and that camera actually looks so fun it got me thinking of buying one :D
    Last edited: 27 Aug 2008

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