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Help me set my RAM to the correct timings please

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BenKxK, 27 Aug 2008.

  1. BenKxK

    BenKxK 4870!

    23 Aug 2008
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    I have 2GB of Corsair T W I N 2 X 2 0 4 8 - 6 4 0 0 C 4 D H X 800mhz ram, but CPU-Z says thats its CAS5 at 5-5-5-18

    Now i was told to manually enter the correct timings but im a complete newb.

    Here is my BIOS options (Asus P5Q Pro)

    Ai Overclock tweaker
    CPU Ration setting
    FSB strap to north bridge
    DRAM Frequency
    DRAM Timing Control
    1st info: 5-5-5-18-3-42-6-3
    2nd info: 8-3-5-4-6-4-6
    3rd info: 15-4-1-6-6
    DRAM Static Read control
    DRAM read training
    Mem OC Charger
    AI Clock twister
    AI transaction booster
    DRAM Voltage

    Here is spec sheet http://www.corsair.com/_datasheets/TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX.pdf

    What do i put for each option please? :lol:
  2. Akava

    Akava Lurking...

    28 Jul 2007
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    Just change the first four numbers to 4-4-4-12, that should be about it.

    P.S. if your not certain on what to do, leave it as it is, its not exactly slow.

    P.P.S Playing with the BIOS can damage your system etc, so don't blame me or Bit-tech if anything goes wrong ;)
  3. chrisb2e9

    chrisb2e9 Dont do that...

    18 Jun 2007
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    It is currently running at the correct settings. If you want to lower the timings, find the 5-5-5-18 in your bios settings and lower it to the 4-4-4-12. Set your voltage to 2.1v in the dram voltage setting and it should work. Should being the key word here.
  4. mm vr

    mm vr The cheesecake is a lie

    18 Nov 2007
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    I have the exactly same motherboard and exactly same RAM (but 8GB of it) as you and I did that right away and I must say it works like a charm. And the modules are only warm to touch.

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