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Storage Help with recovering backup drive

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by LatinSpirit, 29 Mar 2016.

  1. LatinSpirit

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    23 Apr 2009
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    Hello fellow bit-techers

    Long story (sorry) but best you know as much as possible, right?

    I had a small power cut at home last week, and at the time I thought nothing of it as previous ones (under w7) did not seem to phase my PC. This is the first one under w10 (upgrade) and after booting up again, all seemed ok. Later on that day, the PC froze mid-game, got a flash of an error message and rebooted itself. Only this time it would not boot to Windows. After lots of attempts to boot and repair it, and plenty of blue and back screens with no text and only a cursor, Windows decided to boot somehow.

    Panic over.....Not!

    On the whole the PC worked fine again, my things seemed intact but I noticed from time to time it do strange things like if you add or delete a file to a flash drive, it would do it but Windows would not show it until a while later, yet if you closed the File Manager window and opened a new one, the changes were there. Or some programs would take ages from the time you click the icon to when it appears on the screen. Something was "lagging" some parts of Windows yet other stuff worked flawlessly. So I decided I would back up my stuff just incase I needed to wipe n start afresh.

    And that's when I noticed my backup drive had an issue. It has a drive letter :)F) but the blue capacity bar underneath it had gone so Windows can't see how big the drive is or how much is full. If I click to try and get in it, File Manager hangs. Task Manager shows 100% activity for the drive. Device Manager knows make and model of drive. I have tried using Recuva. The initial scan shows nothing, tried deep scan, it said it would take about 3 weeks! So I cancelled deep scan and then it showed the results of what it had found before I pressed Cancel....it was beginning to find some of my files!

    Is there a better/faster way to get access to my files? Would a USB enclosure make any difference? Would it let me image the drive and recover files from that? I really don't want to lose the contents, a lot of irreplaceable photos are in there.

    Any more info you need, let me know

    Thanks in advance

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