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TVs Home cinema screen recommendations?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Aterius Gmork, 21 Jan 2015.

  1. Aterius Gmork

    Aterius Gmork smell the ashes

    25 Sep 2007
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    I am moving in two months and am looking to realise my live long dream of a home cinema. My budget is around 2000€ for a projector and a screen, give or take.

    Prjector wise I am looking at either the Panasonic PT1000AH-E or the Viewsonic Pro9000. Both currently cost around 1300-1400€, so I have around 600€ left for a screen. Unfortunately I am at a loss here. There seems to be a million brands out there, most of them being expensive rubbish. So I thought I'd ask the most helpful and friendly online community I know of.

    The screen needs to be ceiling mounted as it will hang in front of a cupboard. A width of around 250cm would be nice, electric movement is not necessary.

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