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Linux home server advice

Discussion in 'Software' started by darklord of chaos, 22 Dec 2010.

  1. IvanIvanovich

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    31 Aug 2008
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    i really liked freenas when i was using it, otherwise openfiler isn't too bad either. a friend swears by amahi since he says it has better support for x360 / ps3... i didn't have any issues with freenas, but i was running REALLY common hardware with it, basically exactly what is in their recommended list. freenas hardware support is rather lacking, i guess thats why they are moving over to linux. openfiler doesn't have the hardware issues, but i thought its interface wasn't as good, personal opinion really. i haven't used amahi myeslf much, but it seems ok, pretty similar to openfiler probably. whether the support for xboxes and playstations i really any better i have no actual clue. also if you don't mind some pain, setting up solaris as a nas is also quite nice with zfs and nfs v4.

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