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Cooling How does this setup look?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Arkangyl, 22 Dec 2003.

  1. Arkangyl

    Arkangyl What's a Dremel?

    16 Dec 2003
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    Getting ready to order my stuff for my first WC PC and figured I'd post what I'm planning to buy in order to get some critique.

    CPU ~ DangerDen RBX + accelerator nozzels
    GPU ~ DangerDen Maze4 GPU
    Radiator ~ Chevette Heatercore from autostore
    Pump ~ Johnson pump from here
    Tubing and Clamps ~ 1/2" ID tubing from hardware store
    Res ~ custom made from acrylic tube

    So any thoughts / ideas

    I do have a few main things I'm still looking over though;

    1. CPU block, the RBX has gotten great reviews but so has the Swiftech 5002 and the Whitewater, considering that they all cost about $50-55 price isn't a factor so much as performance and frankly I'm not too sure, the RBX and WW both look similar / awesome but the swifty is putting up similar numbers with better flow...

    2. Pump, I know Nexxo likes the Johnson and my only real concern is the website I'm buying from, I know ProCooling boards like them but if someone wants to up my confidence... also if you think another pump would be better let me know.

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