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How to Add a Prefix to a Build Log

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by davido_labido, 7 Jul 2017.

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    11 Oct 2013
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    So, we have now got some rather nice new prefixes to help people to see when a build log is finished or not. Setting a build log to 'Complete' also allows us to know that you are ready to be potentially entered into our Mod of the Month competition. Previously, you would have to email us letting us know it is finished, or be very obvious in the build log that it was done. With prefixes it is easy!

    So, first things first, start your build log like you usually would on the left of the title there is a nice drop down box.


    The whole time you are working on the project, you should be using one of the following prefixes, depending on whether you are doing a scratch build or a case mod:
    It will look like this once you have saved it:


    As soon as you have finished your build and you have posted your final update, click the "Thread Tools" section at the top of your page.


    Then select either 'Case Mod - Complete' or 'Scratch Build - Complete'.


    and click 'Save Changes'


    One you have finished, it will look like this:


    Here is a quick .gif that shows the same steps :)

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