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Windows Hyperlinks within MS Word they keep breaking - solution?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Boswell, 11 Mar 2014.

  1. Boswell

    Boswell Active Member

    23 May 2005
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    At work, we have a whole load of different files in various folders. The files will have their file names updated every so often, and occasionally the location of the files will move.

    The majority of files are Word documents (some are PDFs and Excel files).

    The problem we have is that a lot of the Word docs have hyperlinks within them linking them to another file - that file may get moved or renamed (as above) and thus the link gets broken all too often.

    I can't see that Word is particularly clever in thinking of a way to fix this and therefore one possibility I was thinking of (in theory anyway) is to link the Word document to a database or some sort of list (Excel?) that keeps the filenames and locations up to date. The macro/or whatever would then open the Excel document find the correct cell/reference and open the hyperlink to the correct file on the server.

    The list wouldn't necessarily be able to auto-update itself as this would probably be too difficult and therefore it would only have to updated manually - which isn't too much of an issue (it’s better than having to update 10s of docs manually each time).

    Does anyone have an idea whether this is viable?

    I am on a machine which is limited - I have access to VBA within Excel/Word etc. and I don't have Microsoft Access.

    Thank you!

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