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CPU i5 2500k or 3570k watercooling

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sc0rian, 3 Dec 2012.

  1. Sc0rian

    Sc0rian Here comes the farmer

    23 Feb 2003
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    Hello all,

    Cannot remember the last time I started a thread here :jawdrop:

    I am in the process of watercooling my pc. I have a i5 2500k and a 3570k. Which one am I best of using? I am running a asus maximus v formula.

    I know the 3570k runs hotter, but it does run a bit quicker than the 2500k and if it is watercooled I should be able to keep the temps down. Watercooled I'm hoping for atleast 4.8ghz or 5ghz as daily.

    Currently running 560ti's in SLI, but probably am going to be upgrading to a 680 watercooled soon. Since there is no point watercooling the 560's.

    Currently the 3570k is winning it for me. As its a little bit faster and hopefully can keep temps down with W/C
  2. damien c

    damien c Mad FPS Gamer

    31 Aug 2010
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    Try the 3570K and see what speed/temps you get and then try the 2500K and see what you get with that.

    If I had a 3770K, and my 2700K I would do exactly that and would also convert a video on both and see how it performed on both and then choose.
  3. rollo

    rollo Well-Known Member

    16 May 2008
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    4.8gz on ivy = 5.0 on sandy in most tests I've seen.

    Assuming your going 4.6 to 4.8 both chips should hit that.

    Problem with a 5ghz on either is that the vcore required will be 1.4v + which is above what I'd recommend long term.

    Small reminder long term chip survivability is not just core temp its more vcore than out else.

    The lowest I've seen a 2500k hit 5ghz was around 1.45vcore which is 0.6 above what I'd put up with. Bit techs own test had the chip at a crazy 1.51vcore for the 3570k.

    I personally never take chips above 1.3vcore on intel I use that as my max and work on what I can push out of a CPU. ( 3960k hit 4.45ghz with a 1.3vcore, my i7950 hit 4.2ghz with similar vcore)

    Reminder though if you add 2 680s to your loop you will likely need a bigger radiator. 1 360 or 2 240s would be my personal choice.

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