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IB-MP309HW-B Firmware update

Discussion in 'ICY BOX' started by Nathan@Nanopoint, 28 May 2009.

  1. Nathan@Nanopoint

    Nathan@Nanopoint Ctrl Alt Del

    2 Feb 2009
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    The latest firmware for the IB-MP309HW-B will make the following changes to the device:-

    Browser / System

    - Improvement on font engine character rendering (30% speed up)

    - faster navigation on local drives, use numeric key to input item number to jump to the page where item is located

    - Improved fileplayer speed

    - Fixed HDMI display output blackout issue for auto EDID

    - Updated network share and webservices language packs.

    - Removed EXT2 option for NMT installation
    Note: due to long term reliability issue with EXT2 on device that is frequently turned off abruptly

    - Additional symbols can be input from "1" key

    - HTTP download manager (only works with links with special "download" attributes).

    - File player hide Recycle Bin folder

    - Fixed 'TV MODE' + '3' key handling bug

    - Fixed recovery kernel no red screen displayed

    - Browser image caching fix, should fix some YAMJ crashes or no image issue.

    - Fixed HDD spin-up during standby

    - Fixed slow loading of HTML pages

    Web Services
    - New UI
    - customizable icon feature with browse image utility (need NMT apps)

    - bug fixes on customizable service icon with browse feature.

    - Web Services page modification

    - Fixed a "save/remove service" bug

    - Now able to customise JPG/BMP icon

    - Fixed slow IR response while playback Internet Radio

    - Immediate response to STOP during Internet video streaming

    - Fine-tune Web Service UI

    - Improved SMB server startup time

    - Improved browsing time for SMB client
    - Atheros USB WiFi stability fixes

    - Fixed SMB client hostname resolution picked up wrong IP address from the IP list

    - Fixed file copy failed from HDD to SMB/NFS with names containing whitespace

    - Fixed UPnP AV server playall issue broken in previous release

    - Fixed Samba server halts after device name change

    - Torrent client is now by default Transmission (btpd removed)

    **** IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure completion with previous downloads with BTPD as new Transmission client cannot inherit previous downloads ****

    - Fixed torrent schedule page not working

    - Fixed occasionally newly created SMB/NFS shares doesn't show up in media source list

    - Atheros USB WiFi added support for TP-Link v2 stick

    - Fixed persistent private IP when DHCP server unavailable (e.g. cross-cable connection etc)

    - Bookmark/resume for single playback

    - 10 bookmarks available now

    - Press stop to bookmark the last video playback

    - Press enter / play with focus on bookmarked clip to resume

    - Press "0" to start from beginning of clip
    - Auto framerate synchronisation

    - Framerate sync function in ISO playback, only for 50,60Hz modes (PAL/NTSC)

    - switch to NTSC(60Hz) when selected mode not applicable (previously, it will follow TV mode selected)

    - Use 59.94 for NTSC when matching content detected.

    - Fixed incorrect data shown on infobar.

    - Fixed after ISO playback, screen goes blank when framerate sync kicks in

    - Improved info display

    - Disable incorrect video MPEG1/2 VBR display.

    - Fixed incorrect framerate info for video playback (*.mov, *.mp4).

    - Fixed video bitrate calculation error (less 1 packet every second)

    - Modified infobar UI (height, spacing and text displayed)

    - Fixed info bar losing text after paused

    - Improved accuracy of mpeg1/2 bitrate information

    - Photo app

    - Fixed JPEG (PNG / TIFF transcode) from myiHome server cannot be displayed

    - Fade-In Fade-out effect added for photo transition

    - Enable large jpeg rotation. (downscale before rotate)

    - Fixed faded color for jpeg at 360-deg rotation
    - TV Type setting for DVD playback

    - the TV type setting is now working for DVD video playback
    (4:3 and 16:9 only, 16:10 will treat as 16:9)

    - DVD Menu

    - new popup menu if MENU key on PCH remote controller is pressed

    - user can select to jump to ROOT, TITLE, CHAPTER.... etc from the menu

    - Modified progressive zoom and pan in ISO/IFO playback

    - Removed up/down keys as prev/next track

    - VCD *.DAT playback fixed using soft demux

    - Fixed "repeat" keypress in myiHome when playback audio caused picture playback to halt

    - Improved handling of MKV H.264 profile and vlevel.

    - Fixed cannot stream MPEG from UPnP AV server, liveTV

    - Fixed *.pls file unable to start when playback locally (HDD/SMB/NFS)

    - *.m3u playlist supported.

    - Fixed TS with stream6 as teletext playback cause out of memory

    - Fixed MKV H264 L4.1 pixelated video issue

    - Fixed subtitle parsing with BOM (UTF8 support only)

    - Changed default subtitle font size to 28 and Y offset to 10

    - Exception handling in SSA subtitle parsing

    - Slight adjustment of subtitle position

    - Improved on samba client browsing time and server boot up time

    - Fixed occasional slow samba response

    - Upgraded to nzbget 0.51

    - Upgraded to nzbgetweb 1.2 (Categories can be modifed in /mnt/syb8634/nzbgetweb/setting.php5)

    - Fixed FTP password saving

    - Improved Setup Page loading time
    - Fixed HDD spin-up during standby
    , Hungarian, Dutch, czech, Bulgarian language added.

    download from here:-
    Firmware 01-17-090125-15-DST-403-000 Stand 07.04.09

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