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IcyBox 4220 NAS - spin down problems

Discussion in 'ICY BOX' started by Cheetah, 5 Aug 2009.

  1. Cheetah

    Cheetah What's a Dremel?

    4 Aug 2009
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    Hi there,

    I am running the latest firmware on my NAS:

    The drive I am using is a Samsung EcoGreen F2 1TB SATA-II 32MB Cache. I plan to add another. I read that people have had troubles getting samsung drives to work in this NAS?

    I've been reading that people have problems with the NAS spinning up again when it has spun down as the NAS accesses files or something like that....

    ...I don't THINK I get that problem, is it because I am on the latest firmware or because I only have one disk in there at the moment (no raid) as I plan to RAID 1 my drivers.

    Thanks for any input.

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