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ICYBOX IB-MP3010HW - Help!

Discussion in 'ICY BOX' started by Durko, 22 Apr 2009.

  1. Durko

    Durko What's a Dremel?

    20 Aug 2008
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    Ok, need a bit of help here. And Feel like a complete tool.

    I won the ICYBOX IB-MP3010HW competition and Ive got to say it’s a fantastic bit of kit. Easy to use, pleasing interface, excellent picture quality and it looks cool under the telly.

    But, it seems whilst installing the hard drive, I’ve pierced the wire of the exhaust fan with one of the screws. This means after an hour or so of use, the Icybox turns into a Breville.

    Is it possible to purchase a replacement fan (25mm) from yourselves? Or can you point me in the right direction as to a supplier?
  2. Nathan@Nanopoint

    Nathan@Nanopoint Ctrl Alt Del

    2 Feb 2009
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    Hi Durko

    Yup... Tool!! How did you managed that?! :wallbash:

    This is not actually a serviceable part however I will be able to salvage you one from a testing sample have available. I will contact you on now instructing you what to do.

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