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If money was no object....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Buzzons, 14 Dec 2006.

  1. Fozzy

    Fozzy New Member

    25 Jan 2005
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    Hmm. I'd say don't try to spend all of the money because it'll just end up going to waste:

    Vista Ultimate
    4gb's Corsair Dominator (the fastest you can get)
    Asus Striker
    2 Raptor-x 150's in raid 0
    2 750gb HDD's in Raid 1
    2 8800GTX's with the blocks on them
    Dangerden Cooling with a triple GTX radiator
    Lian-li Server case
    Quad Core Core 2
    X-fi Platinum Pro
    30" LCD from Dell or apple
    Kick ass Hi_fi speaker system
    Put a chunk into a secondary HI-Def screen for video's and stuff

    Then save the rest in an account just for PC Hardware and re-upgrade when the new quad cores come out and DDR3/New videocards bla bla bla

    I know you can spend more but you won't see any improvements so it'd be like throwing money away.
  2. Valo

    Valo Active Member

    11 Aug 2004
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    xserve video editing cluster :] that should keep him busy for a while, great fun too :p

    but other than that i'd go clovertown + 4gig ram + 2x 8800gtx and some gaming laptop for some fun on the go
  3. morris8809

    morris8809 Member

    30 Dec 2006
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    servers are pretty much useless for gaming, the ram uses error checking which slows it down. just get c2d extreme quad core, asus striker extreme, 2 raptors, 2 of those 750GB hard drives, 2 8800GTX, and as much ddr2 1066 that you can fit into that board. if you dont wanna run that in raid just run them for file storage, and use raptors as main hard drives. get a case to fit and good aftermarket coolers unless he knows how to keep watercooling up and running. simple but effective.
  4. NoMercy

    NoMercy New Member

    23 Nov 2004
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    I'd go with what others have said, except no hardisks, instead a 4GB/s Fibre Channel storage adapter (8GB or 10GB in a couple of years), wired up to a RAID array full of 15k RPM disks (either SAS or FC), which should give enough speed to do pretty much anything (2x that of an x-serve), with a direct point to point fibre link, it'd also have a good low latency with the stupidly high bandwidth.

    Then I'd buy a cheep box to act as a Linux server:
  5. Burnout21

    Burnout21 Is the daddy!

    9 Sep 2005
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    i am kinda curious on why a very rich person would require 1TB+ in storage considering he dosen't have to download all his films and music! lol

    if he wants to play games then i would get a ''Sony KDS-60A2000'' thats a 60'' screen that is also HD 1080i

    Then the usual SLi 8800GTX's water cooled, then i would go for a Intel Quad core under phase cooling clocked to the nuts.

    oh and a perfect audio set up!! no X-fi at all, just go pro with an external amp.

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