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Networks IIS & Proxy server II

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by NazT, 22 Mar 2002.

  1. NazT

    NazT What's a Dremel?

    21 Feb 2002
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    Im using an NT server as a proxy server for the internet. It has MS proxy server II installed, with IIS 4 and service pack 6a.

    When using the IIS manager, i am unable to find out which users are connected to the proxy web service. The only information i get is that an Anonymous users is connected, and it gives me the ip address for the station details.

    It should be able to tell me which user is connected, and from which machine (the name of the machine) they are connecting from.

    I have another machine that seems to have all the same settings doing this with out any problems (long story why i have two proxy servers). They are both set up with a trusting relationship with the PDC, and ive even backed up the setting for IIS on the one that works and restored them on to the other one (still didnt work).

    The server works fine other than this (you can connect to the internet through it).

    The only difference that i can see is that the machine that works, has users connected to the winsock proxy service, while the other does not. Im not sure what the winsock service does exactly (i think you need it for things like SMTP, POP3 etc).

    Could this be anything to do with my problem?

    I need to be able to see which users and stations are using Web proxy service so i can monitor the internet usage.

    Can any one point me in the right direction :confused:
  2. bee2643

    bee2643 What's a Dremel?

    7 Mar 2002
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    dont use built in features
    youd be best off to get a cisco certified network mapper, then just opening it will tell u whos connecting to your proxy
    i THINK the program is called "Cisco Network Mapper"

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