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I'm RMA'ing my Striker after a year of issues, could I ask for a different mobo?

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Mother-Goose, 19 Jun 2008.

  1. zr_ox

    zr_ox Whooolapoook

    5 Jan 2005
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    That's shocking service!

    You buy a new motherboard and it breaks, so your replacement is a sub-standard 'B' Grade board :confused:
    At what level do they think this qualifies as either fair or just service. A replacement part should never ever, ever be a 'B' grade component!

    Horrific, sorry to hear this Mother Gooser :sigh:
  2. Mother-Goose

    Mother-Goose 5 o'clock somewhere

    22 Jul 2004
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    Cheers Zr_Ox

    They are sending a courier to pick it up this time rather than me having to fork out and send it to them again, which is good I guess (I'd expect it actually). Hopefully the replacement works, and even more hopeful it isn't B-Grade, I really couldn't believe that.
  3. dimebar

    dimebar New Member

    26 Jul 2003
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    i had the same experiance with scan when i got my first board, that went dodgy after 3 months, got 2 b grade replacements, each duffers. im sure they test them, and pass them on to the next complaining customer hoping they will not descover its weekness. in the end i got the office of fair trading too speek to them, and hey presto a refund. no your rights M8 give em a call.

    2 tings, your entiteled to repair or replacement for equal. and why do they have B grade stock, there not part exchanges are they!


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