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Linux Installation of PHPCoder in FreeBSD

Discussion in 'Software' started by ColD_FusSioN, 31 Aug 2005.

  1. ColD_FusSioN

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    26 May 2004
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    I would like to share with you the installation steps of PHPCoder in a FreeBSD system, this program will allow you to encode your PHP scripts in case you need additional protection of your source code.
    * Turck MMCache
    * PHP >= 4.1 (4.3.X highly recommended)
    * Apache 1.3/2.0

    Assuming that you already have installed on your system the Apache Server with PHP enabled, you mus install Turck MMCache.
    For Installing Turck MMCache:
    Tutorial Installing Turck MMCache


    1. Download the latest version of PHPCoder from PHPCoder
    2. Copy the file to you DocumentRoot Directory and extract the phpcoder-x.tgz file by issuing the command: tar -zxf phpcoder-x.tgz (replace phpcoder-x.tgz with the file you downloaded)
    3. Enter the phpcoder directory by issuing the: cd phpcoder command
    4. Create the files directory and make it writable: mkdir files; chmod 777 files
    5. Create the encoded directory and make it writable: mkdir encoded; chmod 777 encoded

    PHP Coder should now be installed, to encode programs/scripts simply place them in the files directory and then go to http://yoururl/phpcoder and run the encoder, your encoded scripts will be in the encoded directory. For more information see Using PHPCoder in More InFo

    And fast like that you should get your scripts encoded!! :clap:

    Hope it helps someone out there... :thumb:

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