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HTPC Internet TV?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by do_it_anyway, 21 Aug 2010.

  1. do_it_anyway

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    24 Apr 2009
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    I have decided that internet TV is the future.
    My PS3 (which is used as a media server - and for folding for bit-tech of course) has bbc iplayer support which is excellent.
    But I want more! I want channel4 OD and ITV player, and oooo... everything

    Especially since Lovefilm have just told me that I can watch movies from their online catalogue as part of (and as well as) my existing lovefilm subscription.

    I was extremely interested to note that some TV's and blu-ray players are internet enabled and have lovefilm and many others pre-programmed.

    Amazingly, there does not seem to be a freeview box, or media server that have these features.

    My options seem to be to buy a sony blu-ray player with "bravia internet tv" on and attach a proprietry overpriced wifi dongle to it (total cost ~£250 if I shop around)
    This will give me 2 blu-ray players (the ps3 and the new one) which is annoying.
    I would keep the PS3 because of the media streaming from my PC.

    My other option is to build an HTPC around the Zotac socket 1156 mini-ATX motherboard that has been discussed well on here, and an i3 CPU.
    I would probably put a small (60GB) SSD for the OS to speed up boot times and couple it with a 1TB F3 HDD. I would include a Blu-ray player and dump the PS3.
    Obviously this is more expensive, but has the advantage of not having to wait for firmware updates to get a new feature added. Plus I can add freeview HD tuners etc if I feel like it.

    I just don't know. My family are exasberated by my love of tech, and just want something super easy to use. They want to turn it on and use it. Something the sony blu-ray will give them.
    How easy are media centres using remote controls to use? I have never tried one before.

    Sorry for the long post.

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