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Cooling is there a diference in cpu and case fans

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Elbagdelwonk, 22 Dec 2009.

  1. Elbagdelwonk

    Elbagdelwonk New Member

    22 Dec 2009
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    Hey I am currently building the cooler master haf Enthusiast Overclocker(nov). I have the coolermaster 212 hyper+ heat sink installed. I wanted to put a akasa led case fan on the other side of the heat sink as you only get 1 stock fan with the heat sink. Is this possible or do i need to buy a cpu fan. (is there a dif in cpu and case fans)

    The fan that i am looking to fit is the akasa 4 led fan with a max rmp of 1700 and the cm fan has a max rpm of 2000. I aslo have an akasa pwm signal motherboard cable to split the mb cpu connection.

    Any help would be apreiceated thanks

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