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Issue 76 Budget PC issues

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by HiMyNameIsWill, 25 Jan 2010.

  1. HiMyNameIsWill

    HiMyNameIsWill What's a Dremel?

    25 Jan 2010
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    First time poster here, and ultimately a complete beginner in PC building, so please don't ruin me for screwing up so soon!
    Okay, so on Friday i ordered the parts as recommended by CPC, for the budget gaming rig. The only alteration i made was to opt for Corsair XMS3 RAM, rather than the Dominator, since the latter was out of stock, and i'm impatient :D

    Anyway, parts came today, and i've spent all of tonight putting it together. Finally, it looked like it was complete, and i elatedly plugged it into the mains and monitor, and turned it on.
    However, nothing showed up on the screen, with my monitor claiming no signal could be detected.
    I wasn't immediately disheartened, and i assumed it was the graphics card. So i quickly swapped my old graphics card in there to check if that was the problem, but it wasn't, since i still didn't get a signal then.
    I've checked over all my connections, and i've followed the guide as it says, and yet there still seems to be a problem somewhere along the line. I've read all the manuals, and i can't figure out the issue. I'm wondering whether or not something is faulty.

    When plugged in, it SEEMS like its constantly rebooting, and my original suspicions about the graphics card were because they seemed to be the ones stopping and starting, but it made no difference with my old graphics card, so again, i'm thinking along the lines of a faulty motherboard perhaps..

    Has anyone got any advice, or had any similar issues at all?
    Thanks in advanced,
  2. oasked

    oasked Stuck in (better) mud

    24 Aug 2005
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    Got all the power connectors plugged in?

    Made sure that nothing is grounding on the case? Might be worthwhile building it outside of the case (NOT on the anti-static packaging - do it on the cardboard motherboard box itself)?

    Can you test any of the parts in another computer to check that they work?

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