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Electronics Keyboard wiring??

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Jack, 17 Jan 2004.

  1. Jack

    Jack Minimodder

    22 Dec 2002
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    Hi guys

    Ok here's the prob a friend brought a nasty cheap wireless keyboard from ebuyer
    which has now broke! i cant repair the problem as its 1 of the chips in the reciever that has gone.

    Anyway my question is can i make the keyboard not wirelss? is that possible
    ill post more info if it can indeed be done?
  2. TheAnimus

    TheAnimus Banned

    25 Dec 2003
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    depends completely on the keyboard design, normally its yes, but if you have to end up using your own keyboard controller, if your posting here, this is too complex.

    In the UK you can buy "wired" keybaords for £2 without much hassel (hell i bought 10 brand new ones for £10!)

    Return to retailler tbh. consumer rights n all. And don't buy crap.

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