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Laptop CPU temp screen on query Throttlestop

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by blinkieleblind, 28 May 2019.

  1. blinkieleblind

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    22 Feb 2010
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    Wow it has been a long time since i have posted in these forums. Still running the i5 in my sig though maybe a couple of things are out of date. This post is more of a lappy query though.

    I have purchased an ASUS Zenbook 15 (U533FD) and am doing some undervolting. Intel XTU does not support my lappy so i went the Throttlestop version. I am curious about temps after SCREEN ON not WAKEUP. I have undervolted my cpu and have been running a P95 12 hour test for stability. At time of writing i am 8 minutes shy of the 12 hours on my i7-8565U with an undervolt of -105.5mV which seems to be quite impressive for Whiskey lake with my limited reading. My question is this. I have set my sleep to NEVER but screen off to 10 minutes while running the stress test. All is well and p95 seems to have run its iterations while i have been AFK and the screen is dark however when i return to the lappy and turn the screen back on my CPU kicks into overdrive and the temps go right up to the PROCHOT 89C mark briefly. The fans kick in and temps rise to 90C just like it had woken up from sleep, the max power reads 51.4W which is double the 25W TDP-up advertised.

    I am a total noob at undervolting and so am curious about this behavior and if it is normal under any circumstances and why this would occur if the cpu had not been asleep???


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