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Windows League of Legends

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by mansueto, 20 Oct 2010.

  1. mansueto

    mansueto Too broke to mod

    31 Aug 2007
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    Decided to just make a dedicated thread to league of legends for all the players on the forums in an effort to get more strategies / play styles and builds for new heroes.

    Have yet to try any new heroes with the patch yesterday but I had 1 quick game with kennen and thought that the 5v5 summoners rift looked pretty cool. I also like the effort to change the potions to halloween themed candy. Think its rather neat that they took the time to do this (I know WoW does the seasonal stuff too but forget that!)

    Anyone try out any of this weeks free champs? I'm interested in trying out swain and teemo. I'm a big fan of ranged heroes. Any opinions on either of these 2 heroes?

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