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Other LED lights for computer room

Discussion in 'General' started by mikediflip, 3 Nov 2015.

  1. mikediflip

    mikediflip New Member

    2 Nov 2015
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    So I did a quick search and found this thread but the newest post was from early 2014 so I thought it would be okay to make a new post.

    I have GU10 tracklighting in my room where my computers are --a desktop with (2) 23" dell IPS monitors and a macbook pro retina display - The walls are a bit of a greyish blue and currently I have standard halogen style lamps. Replacing them with LED units. I ordered a set of dimmable 5W 6000K bulbs and the color is a big transition.

    A side note, I understand kelvin ratings. I am a professional photographer and videographer and have a very good knowledge of light and color. My thought was to go with the bluer light to see how it affects the monitors. I just ordered up a set of 4500K "neutral" lights to see how those fair. I'd like to get away from the 3200K "warm white" (it's yellow, let's be honest).

    So, what do all of you prefer for use in your computer rooms?

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