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Cases Lian-Li PC-V352 and PC-B25S

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by azrael-, 22 Mar 2010.

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    18 May 2008
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    Who'd have thought a month would pass this quickly. It's time for new Lian-Li cases once again. This time around they might not be *that* new, as they're probably figured in Lian-Li's 2010 catalogue if I recall correctly. Anyhoo, introducing the PC-V352 and PC-B25S (still missing a cover picture).

    The PC-V352 is one of those snazzy little cube mATX/mITX cases, surprisingly not unlike the PC-V351, but now featuring the new hotness, USB3.0 connectors.

    The PC-B25S seems to be based on the PC-B25F (which in turn is based on the PC-P50), but is now supposedly a "silent" solution. Also, it's a bit fugly in my opinion, with the double-height feet and the upper and backside airducts. USB3.0 connectors are featured, of course.

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