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Electronics LM4970 Audio Synchronized RGB LED

Discussion in 'Modding' started by One~Zero, 25 Oct 2007.

  1. One~Zero

    One~Zero What's a Dremel?

    9 Sep 2004
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    National gives reference to an evalution kit on their site, but does not offer it as a purchasable kit :?
    They don't really respond to questions regarding it either, so I figured I would come here and ask a few questions.
    The software listed in their eval kit allows you to interface to the LM4970 through an I2C/LPT adapter. However, I can't get an answer from National concerning purchasing or any tech data to build this adapter. In searching the internet, it seems like it's a pretty standard design, however the one I currently have (which I use to interface to a Philips PolyLED display) doesn't seem to detect the LM4970. Has anyone ever tried this software and got it to work successfully? The link to the LM4970 software and eval kit instructions are below:
    Software: LM4970v5.exe
    Eval Kit: LM4970 Kit Instructions
    Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
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  2. Dreamslacker

    Dreamslacker Minimodder

    13 Sep 2006
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    If you know how to output to serial port directly, you can probably program the chip the hard way by transmitting the 8-bit information as according to the information given in the datasheet.

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