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Networks Looking for ADSL2+ Router Modem with good packet routing for gaming/downloading

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by AcidJiles, 30 Jan 2013.

  1. hamza_tm

    hamza_tm Well-Known Member

    10 Apr 2012
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    Agree y'know, having 70meg is just annoying. Stuff downloads so fast you forego the joy of watching it actually download and come to fruition :(

    Less satisfying

    Ahem, routers: My Belkin Vision N1 router (old type) managed our house easily, I can game fine with family members video streaming, skype video calling, all that at the same time.

    With the new fibre we got a technicolor router, been using that and I seem to get some lag spikes when gaming, very sparse (every few minutes you get one) and it lasts only a split second or so. Not sure if that's due to the router or the new broadband?

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