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Other Looking for logo / avatar designer

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by wormy, 17 Sep 2020.

  1. wormy

    wormy Minimodder

    16 Oct 2009
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    Hello all. It's the first time I've posted into this bit-tech group so I'm VERY nervous...

    I'm looking for a graphic designer / cartoon artist / somebody who can draw better than me (to be honest, my gran can do that and she's dead - even my stick men are unrecognisable), to produce a logo / avatar for me that I can use for a miniature commission painting that I plan to launch soon.

    I'm after something based on a monkey (Sun Wu Kong / monkey King, in fact) that I can use on places like Instagram, Facebook and maybe later on my own website.

    If anybody might be interested in doing this, please get in touch.

    Thank you :happy:

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