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Modding Looking for modding component alternate sources if feasible.

Discussion in 'Modding' started by phelan1777, 21 Oct 2006.

  1. phelan1777

    phelan1777 New Member

    3 May 2006
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    I am working on getting parts to complete my modding.

    I am looking for advice, suggestions, alternate choices if someone can provide based on experience?

    The overall idea with sleeving and heat shrink is to stay White no alternate colors.

    I also am set on white LEDs just not sure where I can find them cheaper.

    Following is a list of components I am debating ordering from Performance-PCs.

    2 x Serial ATA II 300Mb/s Cable w/ Metal Latch - Right Angle to Right Angle - 24" - Silver Braided
    2 x Serial ATA II 300Mb/s Cable w/ Metal Latch - Straight to Right Angle - 24" - Silver Braided
    1 x *** NEW *** Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch - White Ring
    2 x Heatshrink 1/8 Inch
    5 x 0.25 (1/4") PET Cable Sleeving
    7 x Ultra Bright Pure White LEDs - 5MM
    5 x 0.125 (1/8") PET Cable Sleeving
    2 x Heatshrink 1/2 Inch
    7 x LED Mounting Hardware T1 3/4 for 5mm LED
    5 x 0.50 (1/2") PET Cable Sleeving
    5 x 0.375 (3/8") PET Cable Sleeving
    1 x Sunbeamtech Power Supply Modding Tool Kit
    2 x Heatshrink 1/4 Inch
    1 x Heatshrink 1 Inch
    2 x Heatshrink 3/4 Inch
    2 x Heatshrink 3/8 Inch
    2 x Vantec 120mm Fan Vibration Dampener Kit
    Totals @ about 110$ before shipping.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. JCG

    JCG New Member

    1 Dec 2005
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    I know someone how sells led quite cheap he also has an ebay shop
    I don't have any experience with him on ebay, only on another site. But there he was great, quick delivery (2 weeks quick if it needs come from shanghai to the Netherlands) and cheap.
  3. jhanlon303

    jhanlon303 The Keeper of History

    7 Sep 2006
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