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Networks Looking to buy solid wifi router modem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Yoy0YO, 5 Jan 2012.

  1. Yoy0YO

    Yoy0YO Lurky Lurker

    20 Mar 2009
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    Help, my land lord is just renovating his property and is in need of a new modem router for the place.
    Some of the requirements
    Must handle at least 7 to 8 devices and max 12 to 13 (6 peoples, 1 laptop each and peripherals)
    Support LAN connection.
    Price range would be about 200 NZD to 250
    Be available in New Zealand.

    Also the ethernet thing, the land lord wants to put a wired connection into each room however most routers cone with only 4 ports. Is it possible to daisy link a second router to get a few more connections?

    Kinda new to networking, hope you can help. Thanks.

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  2. padrejones2001

    padrejones2001 Puppy Love

    17 Jun 2004
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    As far as my networking goes, I always buy my modems and routers as separate items as that gives me considerably more options for better components. I'd highly recommend going that route instead and look at something like the Motorola Surfboard 6120 and Netgear WNDR 3700. For more connections, you would need to hook up the router to a switch. From the sound of it, something like 16 port job, which would almost assuredly put you over budget.
  3. Dreamslacker

    Dreamslacker New Member

    13 Sep 2006
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    I would recommend the Engenius ESR-9850. It's $148 before GST over at http://www.gowifi.co.nz/engenius-networks.html.

    For more LAN ports, you will need a Switch. Simply connect a network cable from one of the 4 LAN ports on the router to any of the ports on the switch to get it to work.

    Depending on the number of wired networked devices/ points, you could get either an 8 port or 16 port switch. I am not sure what is available to you over in NZ but you can probably sort that out yourself.

    Do not forget that you still have 3 more ports on the router that can be used.

    i.e. If you get an 8-port switch, then you can connect 3 devices to the router (router loses 1 of 4 ports to connect to switch) and 7 devices to the switch (switch loses 1 of 8 ports for uplink to router).
  4. asye288

    asye288 New Member

    3 Jan 2012
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    Just get a 16 port hub + a decent wireless n router will do the job for you.

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