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Low Level Stereo Channel

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Confusitron, 4 Sep 2004.

  1. Confusitron

    Confusitron New Member

    22 Dec 2002
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    For some odd reason one of the stereo channels (right or left) is suddenly at a very low level (the right is quieter than the left or vice versa) on the mic input on another computer of mine (has XP). I have switched the soundcards, but there is no change in the levels. Is there anything I can change on the computer to even out the levels? I am viewing the levels on a meter, and there is very little sound when pluging a mic into just the right or left channels, whichever has the low level. This computer is not connected to the internet, so, I don't believe it's a virus. However, I did transfer the contents of someone else's hard drive (someone who is using the internet) onto this computer a few days ago... Does anyone know anyway to solve this problem.

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