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Other Mac vs. Pc: Using a PC to Own the PC Fanboys

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by SmilerAl, 13 Aug 2010.

  1. DK63

    DK63 Resident magpie

    8 Sep 2009
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    I was thinking the same thing. He is either stupid, or deluded!
    I showed this to a mate. His replies:

    Jack Bauer says:
    that guy is a dick

    Jack Bauer says:
    all his knowledge appears to have come from the back of a cigarette packet that Apple have made

    Says it all really! :D
  2. Teelzebub

    Teelzebub Up yours GOD,Whats best served cold

    27 Nov 2009
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    Well I'm convinced, I really really want to punch him in the mouth now, What an annoying wa**er.
  3. [PUNK] crompers

    [PUNK] crompers Dremedial

    20 May 2008
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    This is one of those guys, the type of guy that starts talking about his mac book pro by the water cooler in work and i have to walk away grinding my teeth before i say anything.

    The worst thing about these people is: not only do they know nothing about technology, they think they are some sort of guru, and will try and offer advice to anyone who'll listen. Also trying to correct them on anything is a complete waste of time because they completely understand the inner workings of their mac that they've never even opened.

    I walked into a Blockbuster last week to rent Heavy Rain and the guy behind the counter clearly knew far better than me what i wanted. He suggested i put down Heavy Rain, turn around and pick up Darksiders. I said i knew what both games were and i wanted Heavy Rain. He said (at length) that he didnt think i understood how good Darksiders actually is. I told him i knew exactly how good darksiders is (not very), and if he didnt rent me heavy rain within the next 10 seconds i would take the empty box and stick it up his rectum.

    Being frog marched out of blockbuster by a 17 year old emo is not an experience i'd like to repeat.
  4. GregTheRotter

    GregTheRotter Minimodder

    9 Aug 2008
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    contrary to popular belief, talking with a red-neck accent like that and swearing does NOT make you sound more knowledgeable, or convincing. :D

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