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Electronics Massive Sound activated LED project

Discussion in 'Modding' started by kongen, 16 Oct 2005.

  1. kongen

    kongen What's a Dremel?

    15 Jan 2005
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    So im sure a few of you can relate to this... I am planning a massive Rave and were going all out me and a few friends that is. So I thought it would be cool if I built a huge piece that will hold a ton of LEDS that use the sound activated controller to light them up. In other words it goes along with the beat to the music and spells out some crazy word we are calling the rave.

    Here is where I am stopping to think it through on how I am going to do it all.
    I saw controllers that you can hook up for cold cathode tubes are pretty much all I see for sale. Ok thats fine... http://www.crazypc.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=120199&Product_Code=82391
    But it says it has two two-pin connectors so you can plug in 2 cold cathods.
    Quote(# Includes 2 x 2pin power connectors to 12V DC Inverter
    # Includes 4pin Molex with pass through connector)
    So how many leds can I hook up to this thing without overloading them each. And how can I mod it to allow me to hook up more leds so I dont have to buy a ton of these controllers...

    Thanks in advanced I am no electronics wiz but I can solder.
  2. gpw111

    gpw111 What's a Dremel?

    17 Apr 2005
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    I have this "Sound Activation Module" thingy, but so that you don't risk overloading it with millions of leds, u could use a transitor to turn the seperate led circuit on and off - or even a relay.

    hope the rave rocks :rock:
  3. theshadow27

    theshadow27 What's a Dremel?

    23 Sep 2004
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    okay, I had one of these and took it apart:

    there are 2 TO92 MOSFETs (one for each channel) that are rated at about 200ma. that is 10 strings of 4 high brightness LEDs per channel (40 LEDs total).

    if you need more then that, I would suggest building JayCars:
    cat# KC5322 which can handle up to 2amps per channel - thats over 400 LEDs.

    best of luck.

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