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Education Mattress wars: memory foam vs pocket spring

Discussion in 'General' started by Kronos, 20 Jan 2017.

  1. cjmUK

    cjmUK Old git.

    9 Feb 2004
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    ...Boy, does it!? And I'm a hot person to start with....
  2. wolfticket

    wolfticket Downwind from the bloodhounds

    19 Apr 2008
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    As a warm sleeper this is why I've always avoided memory foam. I'm sure it would be very comfortable in winter but sometimes I have trouble sleeping in summer anyway.
  3. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    My problem with memory foam is that I turn a lot, and after turning, the foam feels strange, it still "remembers" your other side's shape. It's distracting.

    When wife and I purchased our house 3 years ago, we went all out and bought a very expensive mattress, king size £800+. Can't remember the name, sorry. It is a very firm spring mattress, but has soft top/bottom layer. So effect is it feels soft when sleeping but still supports your weight where needed. Also one person turning doesn't shake the bed for the other.

    3 years in, the mattress is still like new. We rotate it every 6 months and flip it every year. It's going to stay with us for many years :D
  4. Kronos

    Kronos Multimodder

    6 Nov 2009
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    Cheers all, I decided on the Which best buy which I got for a reasonable price. And if it is crap in a few months then I will probably go for something more expensive and that I can at least have a look and feel at so will need to use my local John Lewis and if I have one Dreams.
  5. Vault-Tec

    Vault-Tec Green Plastic Watering Can

    30 Aug 2015
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    The mattress I use has no such problems. Maybe because of the cover they put on it? no idea. Mind you saying that in summer I sleep on top of the covers any way, so that would probably stop any heat being stored. As for it remembering its shape? never had that issue. It bounces back within about ten seconds and we have had ours years. We have followed the ritual of rotating it 180' every few months though.

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