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HTPC MCE features

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ModMonkey, 27 Sep 2006.

  1. ModMonkey

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    22 Sep 2003
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    I know i could look at reviews of this software but i'd rather have true experience comments from people who have used it.

    I have a media PC that i have been using for a couple of years. Initially i had XP with MYHTPC install and i loved that. Then the IMDB grabbers stopped working and i moved to Media Portal. Pretty nice and al the info still there for my divx movies.

    Now i've seen plenty of good reviews for MCE and I'm wondering if its worth upgrading.

    So whats it like? Whats good and bad?

    More specifically, how does it cope with DIVX\Xvid? I don't mean playback but getting information, ratings, cover art etc from the interweb??

    I probably have more questions but i'll add to this post as they come to me.

    I just want real life comments about how you found it to work. (If you don't mind!! :thumb: )

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