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PlayStation 4 Medieval Demo

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Retro_Gamer, 28 Sep 2019.

  1. Retro_Gamer

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    13 Mar 2014
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    Anyone else tried this in PS4 yet, it's only available till 6th October so needs getting sooner rather than later.

    Was always a fan of the original so hearing about a remaster/remake made my ears prick up but a bit of trepidation also.

    I played the demo last night and you have Dan's Crypt where you will get the sword and shield and collect his helmet which can be used in the full game. You also get the first level which is the Graveyard and you can collect the chalice but won't visit the hall of heroes.

    I have to say I am well pleased with what they have done here. Cometely stuck to the original but polished everything and it looks amazing. They even included the full intro with the demo and it looks razor sharp.

    Think this will be me first pre order in a while

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