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Peripherals Mic Not Working

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by sirsiddius, 18 Oct 2010.

  1. sirsiddius

    sirsiddius What's a Dremel?

    9 Sep 2010
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    I have a sharkoon xtatic 5.1 analogue headset and for some weird reason the mic just doesn't seem to work on my current rig. I'm have an Asus p7p55d mobo with a Xonar DG soundcard and I'm running windows 7 professional 64 bit. The mic doesn't work with the soundcard so removed it and unistalled the drivers, and tried again using the onboard sound and for some weird reason the mic does not work with the onboard sound either.

    And the mic itself is not faulty because I plugged the mic in my hp laptop and it worked flawlessly. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. SouperAndy

    SouperAndy To Bumble or not to Bumble?

    16 Feb 2009
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    Just had a quick squiz for some info on the headset.....

    What connections are you using to connect the headphones an mic?

    Are they the usual green (sp) / pink (mic) 3.5 mm jacks or something more exotic?

    If USB, you may need to install the drivers for the inbuilt headphone soundcard (which basically bypasses your better quality separate SC).

    IF you're using an optical connection, make sure your playback device and format are set correctly.


    SouperAndy :worried:
  3. Xtreme_Machine

    Xtreme_Machine Survivalist

    6 Jul 2008
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    Although i think this question not necessary, i'll still ask it just to be sure.

    Is the mic muted or is an other recording device selected in the volume control?

    That's the only reason i can think of why a mic would not be working. Or there is a break in the mic cable ofcourse, but that doesn't happen that often.

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