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Other Mid range Smart watch with nfc

Discussion in 'General' started by cookie! nom nom, 6 May 2020.

  1. cookie! nom nom

    cookie! nom nom Member

    27 Apr 2012
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    Good evening

    I've been having some trouble finding a smart watch that have nfc and normal fitness tracking. Not looking for anything amazing or large storage to store music. I've seen a few on Amazon but the reviews aren't the best. So far my best option seems to be the Samsung active on eBay as they sell for the price range I'm looking for £120-£150

    The reason I'm after nfc is due to my phone not being nfc and not really wanting to replace it.
  2. sandys

    sandys Well-Known Member

    26 Mar 2006
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    Once you add more features to a smartwatch the battery life drops considerably, I have tended to avoid fancy smartwatches for this reason as I don't want to be concerned with charging yet another device, my less smart bands last ~6-8 weeks before a charge

    The Samsung watches I have been tempted with and tested seemed pretty good (not in battery life) but Samsung are very much like Apple and their kit works best with their phones, so you might want to double check functionality you are after works with your phone before jumping.

    Personally I would suggest getting an NFC phone or if it is just for simple small transaction payments see if your bank will give you a little stick on NFC card, I used to use this in my phone case when my phone didn't have NFC.

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