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Small Form Factor Mini-ITX case

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kilobyte, 4 Apr 2007.

  1. kilobyte

    kilobyte What's a Dremel?

    21 Jan 2004
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    i hope this is the right area for asking this if not please more and i am sorry for posting in the wrong area.

    i am looking at making my own NAS box and wanted to know if i could get some info. first thing i wanted to know is with can you get an ITX motherboard with more then 1 pci slot? or do they only come like that?

    next question i have is about the cases. i have been looking around and most of the cases i find only have 1 2.5 or 1 3.5in drive does anyone know where i may find one with 4 3.5in drive bays? or even better 1 2.5/3.5 in drive bay and 5 external 5.25in bays but still in a very small case? (i know don't make sense but space is a very big prob)

    this is what i am trying to make but i don't have a g to spend
  2. AJB2K3

    AJB2K3 What's a Dremel?

    12 Dec 2005
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    Try here.

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