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Other Misbehaving NAS

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by halfinched, 3 Oct 2013.

  1. halfinched

    halfinched New Member

    19 Jul 2010
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    This might be sound a bit vague but I'm having problems with my NAS and not getting any particular error, so ideas on how to narrow down what might be going wrong would be gratefully received and any suggestions on fixing the problem even more so!

    NAS build
    Asus P8H77-I mobo
    Intel 2.4ghz Celeron Dual Core G530
    Corsair CMG4GX3M2A1600C7 GT i5 (4GB DDR ram)
    64GB Crucial CT064M4SSD2 M4
    Fractal Design Array R2 Mini ITX NAS Case with 300 Watt SFX Power Supply Unit
    4x Western Digital 3TB Red WD30EFRX Hard Drive

    Am running WHS2011 with LightsOut, MyMovies and Crashplan for remote backup.

    After awhile - and I can't work out how long as it's longer than a few hours and no errors get posted the server appears to go to sleep / suspend after which it refuses to wake up. It's doing this when other machines are connected to it which it shouldn't and didn't use to, it also won't wake from suspend when the other machines are started up which it should aswell - it disappears entirely from the network. When you go to the server it is either locked out at the login screen and the usb keyboard is inactive so you can't log in. If I have a usb hdd plugged in for the server backup it has an even bigger flid and posts a message after the bios that I should insert a correct boot disc.

    Appreciate this is quite vague but there have been no blue screens and other than errors where I have force restarted the machine am not getting any clues as to what it might be. There is no memory dump file although it should write one if it's having a problem.

    am baffled. if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. thanks.
  2. droyden

    droyden New Member

    6 Sep 2011
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    Re USB HDD, could be it is trying to boot from it did to BIOS settings

    I would turn off all s3 power saving settings in the BIOS to test. Also what are the power saving options you have in the OS?

    Edit. Also do a memtest86 on it

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