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Planning Modding my hardware

Discussion in 'Modding' started by kim, 17 Dec 2017.

  1. kim

    kim Active Member

    10 Jan 2016
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    Hi guys...:grin:
    long time lurker here, I have a real passion for modding scene, and of course, it tickles me for years to mod my own hardware. I am not a big gamer though, so my gear is pretty ridiculous compared to what you guys are building here, and I know I cannot contest with the outstanding skills and accuracy of the greatest modders of the world, that we can see on those pages, and also, quality of my pics is limited to my cellphone's camera... and that is why I post in this section, but modding is modding, and I think 2018 is the year for me to start the real work.
    I have 3 platforms that I use daily for different purposes, so I planned 3 different builds.
    For now, all 3 are only aircooled, but there will be a watercooling system for 2 of them.
    I currently doesn't have any cases for my PCs, all the hardware is stacked on a big desk with a messy bunch of wires running through, and I am not proud of it :nono:
    It's a big funny adventure for me to realise those 3 projects, and to share it with the community, I only hope I wont bore you with my low level modding skills, I wish to become better and better with work and time, so pls don't be too hard with me :hehe:
    2 of these 3 projects are already started, the third one is still on paper..
    - My main project is a desk, fully watercooled with my most powerfull gear, running x79 motherboard with an OC I7- 4930k, 16 gb of ram, 2 GTX 980, 2 screens and a curved led TV as a 3rd screen.
    - My second project is based upon an old portable TV case, with a screen inside, running a water cooled AMDFX8370 on a GA970 gaming MB and 2 graphic cards and the work is started too...:grin:
    - The third project is a cube case from scratch too, but I have only draws of it for now.

    So the main project, will be my last one finally, because of the difficulty and also lack of money and time for now, it is a desk, based on a spaceship console that we can see in Mass-effect game.
    I started to work on the tray in beginning of 2017, using wood , but after one month of work, I realised that the weigth would be insane, but since, I started to use plastic sheets on the TV project, and I thought I could use the wood one as a mold, and hot-pressing plastic sheets on it, to realise the complicated eye's shape of the tray with a much light result...
    I will start the work after finishing my second project, it's an all-in-one computer in a old fashioned portable TV case...
    I found the TV case funny and it gave me the idea of the project...
    of course it was a bit too small for the hardware so I started to add plastic sheets to make it bigger, i am actually working on it still, and it will be my first post if I can reach a proper result, wich is not still certain for me...:rollingeyes:, here are last pics of the progress...
    I'm still sanding ...
    The third project is only to make a funny case for my old Q9400 running on a Gigabyte P45 MB, 8gb of ram and a samsung SSD, wich is may be old...but not obsolete as would say the terminator:grin:
    Aside from the builds, I am ordering parts of watercooling or additional hardware from time to time, I also plan to buy a decent camera to make nicer shots, but money is the worst limitation, and that is why it could take me some time, before I can be ready for posting in the project logs section.
    Thank you to all Bittech members and followers, and happy christmas to all:clap:

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